Week 1

Alone – First film to kick off Horror Month and to my surprise, it was pretty fantastic. It’s an intense thriller with a lead actress we want to see survive and a villain who can be menacing while also looking like Ned Flanders. SEE IT!

Vampires vs. the Bronx – So far this one tops the worst list for me. It’s essentially a Lost Boys and/or Monster Squad ripoff. It really runs the gambit with me as I found it to have not only terrible writing, but bad acting, bad dialogue, and a predictable plot with obvious “twists”. Even the vampires are as generic as can be, looking like Twilight rejects. This is a HARD SKIP!

Save Yourselves! – Mumblecore sci-fi horror that doesn’t really deliver. Two deliberately unlikable leads makes the film a hard sit for me. When the plot should be moving, our characters are just bickering with each other. I however like the concept and the satire. RENT IT!

Fear Pharm – The plot makes no sense, apparently this family is running a scare maze to collect virgins or something to collect their skin to make a cream to sell to people. It’s extremely dumb. If that wasn’t bad enough, the score. Oh my god the score is so terrible. I don’t know who did the music, but it all sounded like bad royalty free music you don’t have to pay for. And maybe, just maybe I could look past all of that if not for the god awful writing and dialogue between everyone in the movie, including the killers. They were going for this Rob Zombie attempt at snappy dialogue but ended up falling flat on their faces. SKIP IT!

Spell – There’s another movie named Spell and I guess I mistook it for this. I think this still counts as a horror movie… maybe, I’m not sure. I enjoyed the movie well enough, mostly due to a likable, sympathetic main character. But don’t go into it expecting scares or gore or creepy atmosphere. RENT IT!

Spontaneous – This was a weird one. It has all the trappings of any generic teen romance you’d find on Netflix these days, except for one tiny little difference. In this teen romance film, the teens are exploding. What can I say, I oddly liked this one a lot, really worth checking out. SEE IT!

The Wolf Of Snow Hollow – Sticking to the police themes of Thunder Road, but with a werewolf. Great dark humor, gory fun and slick back and forth dialogue. Best way to really describe it is Fargo with claws. Must see for Horror Month. SEE IT!

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