Sunday, February 17, 2019
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The Worst Films of 2018?

One look at my worst list and you might confuse it for just about everyone’s best list. I really tried to like...

Velvet Buzzsaw – Are we all Morfs?

An excerpt from my script review for Velvet Buzzsaw which will be available 02/11/19: 3.) Quality of Characters

Velvet Buzzsaw – Should Mr. Gilroy stick to writing only?

Oh boy.  Velvet Buzzsaw is a goddamn muddled mess of a film and another example of Dan Gilroy’s lack...

First Reformed – Intended Plot vs. Plot Reality

An excerpt from my script review for First Reformed which will be available 02/04/19: 2.) Plot Stability

Best Films of 2018!

It’s finally that time again when I list all the great and maybe not so great films I’d seen that year. I...

Green Book – Period Oscar Bait?

An excerpt from my script review for Green Book which will be available 01/28/19: 1.) Marketability of the Idea

Glass – The ending we wanted? Or just what we got?

I think this goes without saying, but spoilers are coming in hot, so maybe skip this review if you haven’t seen Slit...

Standoff at Sparrow Creek – Escalate Out the Gate!

An excerpt from my script review for Standoff at Sparrow Creek which will be available 01/21/19: 2.) Plot Stability