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zombeavers-movieGreat title!

Great genre!

The Captain himself takes a look at this instant cult classic for you.

(Read more of his great Horror Reviews here.)

It’s the end of Horror Month and I think it’s fitting I end it with a horror comedy called Zombeavers. Why not!

It goes pretty much how you’d expect a film called Zombeavers would go. Beavers and toxic waste don’t mix apparently.

Three college cuties head for a cabin out in the middle of nowhere for some fun in the sun when… they get attacked by beaver zombies. the plot isn’t exactly complicated.

If you’re thinking to yourself, what happens if a zombeaver bites you? Well, they answer that question. You become a half beaver monster.

The idea for the film seems cheap. And at first viewing of the trailer, it seems cheap. BUT! it’s actually pretty well done. The beavers are puppets, but they’re done really well. And the human beaver zombies are particularly well done, growing giant front teeth etc.

The humor is actually pretty funny, starting the film off with two rednecks taking toxic waste to and fro. Having conversations like, I dated a dude for a week. easiest relationship I ever had. except for the sex stuff.

The humor does go away once the beavers start attacking. which i think is better for it. the humor takes a back seat and you focus on the dread. again, about as much dread as you can get out of the fact you’re surrounded by zombie beavers. though i did find it funny one of the characters carries around his severed foot through the whole movie once it’s bitten off.

If you’ve read the YOUR FILM SUCKS thread, you’ll see i reviewed a film called Varsity Blood. and my main issue with that film, okay, I have a million issues with that film, but the one I’m highlighting was all the teen highschool drama bullshit. I’m totally crushing on him, but he’s totally crushing on her OMG! go fuck yourself movie.

Zombeavers has that drama too. but it doesn’t take up a whole hour of the damn film.

The three girls take this trip for some BFF support. One of their friend’s boyfriends cheated on her. what she doesn’t know is that it was with one of the two other girls. drama!

then the guys show up to crash their fun. even more drama!

And to mix things up, the people you think are going to survive end up dying first and the one you think is grinder meat, actually turns out to be the survivor. Well, until the end when things come full circle and we run into our rednecks again.

seriously, check this one out. you might be surprised by it. it wasn’t as campy as i thought it was going to be. turned out to be pretty well done and pretty damn enjoyable.


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