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Dumb and Dumber To – Script Analysis


DUMB AND DUMBER TO - script reviewAn excerpt from my script review for Dumb and Dumber To which will be available 11/29/14:

2.) Plot Stability

This script read like Blake Snyder’s dream for a comedy.

Catalyst (Page 15) – Harry needs a kidney, and bingo, there just happens to be an estranged kid he didn’t know he spawned.

Midpoint (Page 54ish) – Harry is sent on a quest by his daughter’s adoptive father that, by the way, will also benefit all mankind. What could go wrong?

Dark Moment (Page 96) – Harry admits he doesn’t want his daughter dating Lloyd, because he thinks she can do better.

Finale (Page 115) – Neither Lloyd nor Harry is Penny’s father, and it’s actually Pee Stain (someone Lloyd more or less killed from the first movie). Happy ending by reuniting PS’s sad parents with their long lost granddaughter.

Final Image (Page 125) – Sea Bass and Lippincott get their revenge on an elderly Lloyd and Harry.

(This last part I had to rewatch how the boys left things with Sea Bass, but kind of glad he got his revenge…on Lloyd at least.)

Want the full review? Follow this link to the Dumb and Dumber To Review.

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