It’s DAY 1 of the New Year, and you’re making resolutions…

What do you plan to do in 2024?

Complete your first script?

Polish a rewrite and start querying producers, agents and managers?

Or just improve your overall craft as a screenwriting?

Our community is comprised of writers of all levels. Some are working in the industry with titles you’ve watched on the big screen, others are professional readers, and some are simply amateur writers but excited about certain film genres and learning to write in them.

(BTW – Have you written your contained horror script yet?)

Whatever your goal we’re glad to help, whether that’s breaking down what works in the current market, joining discussions with fellow screenwriters in various stages of their careers, or simply enjoying the wonderful variety of scripts available to learn from in the movie industry!

Access to the forums are billed $10 a month or $60 annually (making it $5 a month).

Whether you choose to (digitally) meet us or not, make this YOUR YEAR!

Follow this link to our Discussion Forum.


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