An excerpt from Reals’ script review for an Unproduced Slasher Script which will be available 08/17/20:

What Worked


So, I have much more to say about the sexist dialogue and descriptions in this script, but I do think it is worth noting that there is a bit of humor here, and the script seems to be self-aware, at least partially.

What I am talking about is the character of Sammy – this is how he is described:

SAMMY is slimy. This is not Warner Bros., or Universal..this is the schlock of the schlock and Sammy reflects that.

There is also the early on-going joke about how Sammy wants to include “Tits and Ass” in the film, and everyone keeps telling him that their actors, the crew, etc. will quit if he forces gratuitous nudity into the film.

His response?

Fire him/her! You can replace (insert name of star here) for twenty-five dollars a day!

The fact that this joke goes on-and-on for a couple of pages is what makes it funny, and I can just picture J.K. Simmons, doing his best J. Jonah Jameson and having a blast with this role.

The Running Kill Commentary

I liked the idea that our characters (the filmmakers) were actually rooting for the killer to continue his/her/their murder-spree, as it will mean more publicity for the filmmakers’ feature and will be great for their careers.

I think the script could have done more with this, but it was an interesting (if very dark and nihilistic) take on typical slasher formula, where our characters see a news report or read a headline about a masked killer on the loose and are terrified, as opposed to here where they are practically giddy with joy.

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