An excerpt from my script review for Project Power which will be available 08/17/20:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Originally titled Power and a former Hit List script, I believe.

(Someone somewhere told me it was on a list…)

That will always help.

Remember, the Hit List, Blood List, Black List, etc. are voted on by industry insiders on scripts they’ve come across and think should be films.

“The scripts everyone wants made, but nobody wants to make.”

Particularly on the Black List…winners…are they winners?…give that final vote of confidence which is enough to push producers to purchase and make the projects.

But how does that help us?

It really doesn’t, in that to garner enough votes to make these lists, you’ll need several someones in the business to have read your script and liked it enough that they would remember and recommend it to one of these lists.

Then there’s the whole “questionable morality” of some of those scripts listed.

If you go through the list each year, you’ll notice certain representatives make the list year after year, begging the question, “Are their clients really that good, or do they have an envious relationship with those in charge?”

Bottom line, you’ll still need an agent or manager…more than likely.

(Maybe a renowned contest win could do the trick as well.)

Remember, even with an extremely well written script, unique story, and manageable budget, it’s still a crap shoot landing a career in screenwriting.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still query!

Project Power Box Office Reception

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