An excerpt from Reals’ script review for Drive Away Dykes by Ethan Coen and Tricia Coen which will be available 04/13/18:

What We Can Learn

1.) I always encourage finding your own voice and twisting and bending or formatting (within reason) a script to best suit your story – especially if it helps you find a distinct voice and unique feel for your script, however, the flip side to that is what you get here: confusing jumps and long pauses from a reader trying to figure out what you have done. That is not good. Anytime your reader has to stop or go back and check on something slows the read, lowers interest and reflects poorly on the writer.

2.) When you say something happens in your logline, make sure that it actually happens in the script or that it is a big plot point. We don’t even get the severed head until page 53 and we don’t really get the dildos in the case until page 75.

3.) Comedy is a hard genre to write because it is so subjective. I didn’t really find this too funny, but that doesn’t mean that another reader won’t. Which is why you have to send your scripts out to lots of differnt places and hope that your humor and writing connects with a certain reader.

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