An excerpt from Reals’ script review for Barbarian which will be available 09/26/22:


What Worked

The Characters – Though we have just a few main characters, they each have very clearly defined voices and, while I didn’t exactly care about one or two of them, I was at least interested enough in their plight to want to keep reading / watching.

The Mystery – Something sinister is going on in the home – that much is clear. And the writer does a good job of keeping the tension high which maintained my interest throughout.

Getting Right Into It – The script begins with Tess pulling up the house in the middle of a rainstorm. There is no time wasted and the sinister tone is set from the first page.

This is great, as it immediately sucked me in and didn’t waste any time with boring exposition or filler.

The Writing Style – I really liked the way this was written and I would advise writers to take a look at this style and try it out a bit in their own writing.

Maybe it will work for you, and maybe it won’t, but it was engaging and kept me turning pages, so it is worth a glance.

I particularly liked the little italicized thoughts to help put us in the mindset of the characters even when there is no dialogue.

An example is on Page 99 (NO SPOILERS) when a character is moving through a dark passageway and we get the line –

How much fucking further?

This puts the reader in the character’s head without exactly cheating, and is a nice way to break up sections of description.

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