It’s that time of year again, time to get spooky, so sit back and relax, possibly crap them pants, because HORROR MONTH has officially started!

I’ll be doing 3 more full reviews of upcoming movies, two I know for sure I’ll be tackling are the new Hellraiser film and the new Halloween Ends movie. After that it’s a matter of what I can get to see.

Speaking of, like every year I’ll be posting the horror movies I watched that week either every Saturday or Sunday, depending on how many I have to list. I’ve been doing some pregame watching however, so I’m starting the Weekend Wrap-up with a selection of movies to highlight. Some good, some mostly bad. Let’s get started! And of course, feel free to join in on the fun and list what you’ve seen and what you’d recommend.

First up!

Saloum – Clearly influenced by From Dusk Till Dawn, this African horror film chugs along, boring the pants off you until the ghosts show up. But by then it doesn’t matter as you’ve already checked out. The CGI was also lacking, not delivering the effect I don’t think they intended. SKIP IT

Speak No Evil – A slow unsettling burn that creeps up on you. At first you question if anything is really ever going to happen. Then it does and it will leave you shocked and depressed for the rest of the night. SEE IT

Beast – The CGI lion was shotty at times and the two kids annoyed the hell out of me. But it’s a fun enough thriller that will leave you entertained. I also had a hard time trying to pin down what exactly Idris Elba’s accent was meant to be. I could have sworn he was using his real accent at the start of the film, then they mention he’s from New York, like what? Not a bad film, so it gets a RENT

The Invitation – Takes a while to get things started, it isn’t much of a mystery as to what is going on, as they show you vampires attacking the help through the slow parts. A bigger build up would have been better, as I zoned out towards the end, so this gets a RENT

Bodies Bodies Bodies – Awful obnoxious characters you want to see die. Film wasn’t funny, scary, or really all that gory. Oh boy the dialogue was as painful as reading a twitter argument between a bunch of teenagers. And let’s not forget the music/score that helped in making the film an even bigger struggle to sit through. SKIP!

End of the Road – Honestly felt as if Tyler Perry tried to make a horror thriller. The acting is absolutely terrible, to a point it’s laughable. It was so bad, I thought maybe it was intentional. The characters in this are either extremely dumb or cartoonishly evil. Not to mention the message is so ham-fisted and, on the nose, you’ll get a black eye from it smacking you in the face. SKIP

They Crawl Beneath – Bad dialogue and bad acting puts this one on my shitlst. The story is trying to be Tremors but in one single location, however it doesn’t work whatsoever. I was left feeling bored, even when the rubber alien creatures are being tossed at him, I was barely keeping myself from falling asleep. SKIP!

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