An excerpt from my script review for Wrath of Man which will be available 10/04/21:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Thank God for Guy Ritchie dialogue.

A few weeks back, I was waiting for the kids at soccer training and came across Snatch on one of my apps.

I had forgotten just how funny those lines were.

Imagine the most interesting thing your character can say, and then add in an English accent!

Have been meaning to let the boy watch that, since the boss and I curse like sailors anyway.

Having read The Gentleman, but not seeing it, there was a clip of some of Coach’s better parts, played by Colin Farrell, just more gold.

So needless to say I was excited to read this one, having viewed the trailer with Jason Statham and finding out Ritchie wrote it.

3way mentioned in the script’s thread that there was an earlier version where the writers there did not receive final credit in the film.

To my tears, this was that version…

We’re still going to finish the review, and although both were based on the same French film, aside from the dead son (oh, spoiler!) there’s probably not much in common.

Kind of a shame, but one of these days I’ll get around to seeing it with the boy, I’m sure.

Wrath of Man Box Office Stats

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