It’s that time of year again!

No One Gets Out Alive – Found this movie to be pretty poorly executed, but had an interesting creature design, leading up to a face eating vagina monster lady. However the plot suffers from incoherency at times and was constantly inconsistent. With that being said, I’d say it’s still worth checking out. RENT.

The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre – White trash humor that gets old extremely quick. Maybe if you’re 12 years old and super into wrestling maybe you’ll dig this. I unfortunately did not. So this gets a SKIP!

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To – I found this to be incredibly dull, even for a vampire film not much really goes on. The acting wasn’t bad, they just didn’t have much to do. SKIP.

Bingo Hell – Terrible editing, really bad music score and humor that misses the mark every single time. Add an old mean woman as your main character and you got yourself one hard sit through. Mostly spent my time counting the minutes until Richard Brake showed back up. I love him, but this is a waste of him and your time. SKIP!

Bad Candy – This is an anthology film of shorts centered around Halloween. So basically it was like they decided to make their own Trick ‘r Treat sequel. Things started out kind of okay, but then it just drags on. At almost 2 hours, this needed to be trimmed as like most anthology films most of the shorts sucked. This gets a SKIP.

Witch Hunt – Failed to deliver on its interesting concept, dragged down by a boring teen drama and a budget below its means. Not the worst I’ve seen this week, so it gets a moderate RENT.

The Night House – Slow moving, stuck with it in hopes it was leading to something interesting. Instead it fell on its face, leading to something dumb. Then the movie shits itself and abruptly ends. SKIP.

There’s Someone Inside Your House – Done in the same vein as Scream and I know What You Did Last Summer or any generic late 90’s slasher. The film is very self aware of this, even referencing I Know What You Did. The humor is this also didn’t work, throwing off the tone, as I wasn’t sure what they were going for. The gore was nice and didn’t shy away from most of the kills. I also found myself interested in who the killer was. Didn’t hate this one, so a solid RENT.

Seance – The character motivations in this are so idiotic it’s laughable. Heavy spoilers but all of this was because of a plagiarized class paper. The whole haunting was also pretty pointless, as it really had nothing to do with anything in the end. Forgot to mention every character is pretty unlikable. It had good enough kills that I still say it’s good enough for a RENT.

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