An excerpt from my script review for The Group (2008 unproduced) which will be available 03/04/19:

3.) Quality of Characters

As Reals like to mention my pet peeves, it’s my turn to mention one of his.

Damn near every fucking character in this script is either handsome or attractive, and those that aren’t just haven’t cleaned themselves up recently.

AIDAN EDMOND, late 20s, shaggy brown hair, some scruff,
normally attractive, but now, he looks wiped out.

Oh my, however will Hollywood find enough attractive individuals?

Reals mentioning it, and my including it here, touches on an important note, this characteristic doesn’t add anything.

Good looking (or ugly) by itself doesn’t contribute to the “three dimensional” aspect of character building, so why even include it?

Casting’s more or less going to find people that the target audience will either identify with or be attracted to, so just leave it out.

Now, what types of details should you include?

Page 22:

30s, fit, smiling but severe, intense eyes. Her plastic
pleasantness seems sadistic

This last sentence not only builds your character (she’s faking her charm), but it adds to the tone of your script, which is supposed to create unease about her character given Aidan’s current predicament.

That’s very important to note, the tone of your character descriptions should not only develop a character fit for your story, but fit the tone of the genre you’re writing in!

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