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amateur-monday-script-reviews****Voting ENDS 4/17/15

Hi all,

We’ve narrowed the entries down to the following loglines. Please vote for the project you’d most like to see me review. (Loglines below the poll.)

1.) DOWN RANGE – Despised by those charged to protect him, an Air Force attorney green to combat arrives in Afghanistan to prosecute a soldier accused of a war crime, but when his armored convoy is ambushed, he’s forced into a blistering fight for survival.

2.) QUEENS OF QUEENS – An explosive relationship between a transexual cabaret singer and her mafioso lover incites a city wide mob war across 1950’s New York.

3.) RETURN FIRE – A US Army Ranger must become the leader he was born to be when his team is transported back in time to 1945 where they must survive a Nazi special forces regiment hell bent on using a Nazi-developed time machine to win the war before it ever begins.

4.) SERENITY KEY – Every artist has a muse, but for a washed-up author struggling to jump start his career and failing marriage, enlisting the assistance of his #1 fan may result in murder.

Subscribers can also download the amateur scripts and vote for them on our Upload Your Script Forums.



Winner: DOWN RANGE and find the review here.

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