An excerpt from my script review for Velvet Buzzsaw which will be available 02/11/19:

3.) Quality of Characters

First off, poor fucking Coco.

I agree with the Cap’n one hundred percent on that and the fact that the narrative wanders due to the fact that there isn’t a main character.

Aside from that, this is one of those stories that the characters are such off putting, horrible human beings that we’re not distraught when they die.

We’re not sadistic enough to hope for it, but realize the world they lived in is probably a better place now that they’re gone.

(But in LA, there’s probably two more awful people chomping at the bit to take their place!)

However, my main concern while reading this script, since we write reviews ourselves, is are we a forum of Morfs?

Me?  Captain Peachfuzz? 3way?  Reals?  Hell, even SK from time to time?

Jon Don’s funeral scene in particular, where he’s critiquing the fucking casket, claiming not doing so wouldn’t be real?

Have we as a group of reviewers come to hate on things simply because that’s what’s expected of the reviews?

Is there a certain stereotype that you’re reviews can’t be good if you’re not somehow cruel?

I fucking hope not.

Continuing to look inward, I was also disgusted with Morf’s obsession with Josephina, probably because I identified with similar behavior after my first time.

Typical human behavior perhaps, so that part Mr. Gilroy got right, and there’s slight sympathy when she moves on to Damrish before really breaking up with Morf.

(But fuck was he clingy, and makes me wish I could go back in time and have a “plenty of fish in the sea” discussion with my younger self.)

Oh, he got that and the name Vetril Dease right.  What a fucking evil, menacing name!

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