An excerpt from my script review for which will be available 08/30/20:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

In addition to all our old arguments for writing a lower budget horror script, there’s something new.


Sooner or later we’ll get this shit sorted out throughout the world, and when we do, folks are going to want entertainment.

As is, there’s some “limited” shooting on projects (I think Tom Cruise has one going with special permissions), but not enough to sustain us for as long as projects haven’t been shooting.

Expect a lot of unfinished garbage to hit streaming services would be my guess.

Once back up, studios, producers, etc. are going to want shit that’s quick and easy to film (read that as “cheap”) and has a decent rate of return based on the low income coming in.

Enter contained horror.

They’ll want it, and hopefully you’ll have it.

Shit, it may not even need to be good.

In regards to this project though, I liked the premise because it wasn’t too outlandish an idea and could happen to anyone.

What I would argue against if you’re writing a spec and trying to focus on keeping costs down is avoid any heavy traffic scenes and car chases/crashes.

These things, although they may sound common enough, cost a lot of money, especially if you’re causing a multi car pileup on a metropolitan highway, which is something that happens in this script.

How’d things end up though?

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