An excerpt from my script review for Bill and Ted Face the Music which will be available 09/07/20:

2.) Plot Stability

So Bill and Ted became major flops after Bogus.

That’s a lot of pressure to write the one song that’s going to lead to global peace.

And the boys have stuck with it, even if it caused problems at home.

The one major difference between the script and film though, is the pair had sons not daughters. I think this was a good change since the dynamic between a father and his daughter is different and should make for a more interesting story.

Now I haven’t read the Capn’s above review yet, but it seems like the main plot played out about the same based on his emails.

Mainly Bill and Ted keep going into the future, hoping their future selves would already have the song finished.

Cutting out the middle man.

Only they don’t, and life keeps getting worse and worse making their future selves bigger and bigger dicks.

It all culminates with this giant unraveling of the past, merging all eras together and not in a good way, until the families join forces and play a song written by the kids.

So it’s a Bill and Ted movie…

You know what you’re getting going in, right?

What bothered me though is where the clever “time travel” bits of the first film worked (leaving themselves things to solve problems), this one didn’t.

The issue is the final showdown, where they’re getting out of trouble left and right because their 10 year old selves had 30 years to prepare for this…

Other than seeing it, the 10 year old selves didn’t experience the actual battle, so how did they know what would happen? What skills to develop?

It felt more like a Groundhog Day sequence than it did simple time travel.

If the 10 year old Bill and Ted had died and got to redo each little event, then yes, they could have known to be prepared, but instead Bill and Ted show the younger versions the battle and then just send them home.

That doesn’t really work.

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