An excerpt from my script review for Unfriended which will be available 11/28/22:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

First off…never click links in unknown emails or texts!

That’s the main lesson from this review!

(He says as he suggests you click other links around the site.)

Reals took a look at this a while back, I know.

One of the fun things about having two different takes is to demonstrate how two opinions may not always line up.

This subjectivity will happen in regards to criticism of your own writing.

Before we go too far, I read Reals’ review initially, but have not revisited it for the sake of this review since then.

(We read a lot of scripts, so reviews start to blur together.)

We may differ on a few things here or there, but the stuff to watch out for is what did we agree on?

If two separate readers have the same issues, that’s the stuff to take a hard look at and consider revising.


Defined as:

Screenlife or computer screen film is a genre of visual storytelling where all the events are shown on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen. It became popular in the 2010s with the growing impact of the Internet.

And I’d argue our dependence on electronics has only multiplied given the need for trending and influencing via social media.

And that’s an interesting area too…

People love horror. People love social media.

(I use “love” in the second statement as more of an “addiction” than “romance”.)

For instance, one of the questions I had, with companies like Uber and Lyft coming about, was how doesn’t this go wrong?

“Because the app tracks both users!”

Okay, but this can never be manipulated?

Think about that for a second…our character orders an Uber, mundane as it is, but suddenly is in an updated version of Collateral where the driver does the killing?

Getting back to more screenlife though, I’m AMAZED how some of these younger folks, women especially, are so open about their lives for the sake of wanting to “influence” or be popular.

Remember…we’re all only a quick Google search away from someone finding out too much personal info!

Where are the horror pitches of trending female influencers being stalked and nabbed by the “boys” they scoffed at in high school?

This genre has a lot of potential, if done right and done on budget.

We’ll cover some of that in the next section.

Unfriended Box Office Stats

(Just killer. What a fucking return on investment!)

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