I got a long list to get through, so no stalling. These are just some of the worst films I’ve seen in 2021. Exempt are almost every Bruce Willis stinker I managed to sit through. This is more geared towards films shown in theaters or had their premiers on a streaming service. If I did Bruce Willis movies this whole list would just be him. The guy did 7 movies in 2021 and trust me, they are all terrible.

I said I wouldn’t delay this but here I am rambling on about how bad Bruce Willis movies are now.

Anyway, here are the Top 21 Worst Movies of 2021.

21. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I’m trying to think what was new in this. I guess the gunner seat for the ecto 1. And I guess the remote-control car that is also a ghost trap. Which if you think about it, would be very impractical. You could only use it once. And since is doesn’t seem to detach from the whole remote control car thing, there’s no way to replace it unless you just release the ghost inside. Dumb. Okay, what else is new? Muncher? Totally different from Slimer, I mean he’s green. This guy is blue. Totally different. All they basically did was rehash the plot of the first movie once again, making it the third time they used the same story as the first. It’s basically just pointing out things to you you might remember from the first film. Even going as far as putting a character in the dress Sigourney Weaver wore when she got possessed. Why?! The only thing that I liked was the ending when the OG crew shows up. It was dumb, but I couldn’t help fall for the nostalgic trap.

20. The Night House

I kept watching this in hope that it would eventually pay off. It did not. I’ll just summarize my thoughts on this film with what I wrote about it during horror month. Slow moving, stuck with it in hopes it was leading to something interesting. Instead, it fell on its face, leading to something dumb. Then the movie shits itself and abruptly ends.

19. The Sparks Brothers

I had never heard of them, and I honestly wasn’t sure if this was even real. Everyone that talked about them seemed kind of sarcastic with how much they liked them. Once you hear their music it makes things even more confusing. Not for me.

18. Fear Street

These are actually three films, but I hated all three of them. I also didn’t see the point of there being more than one movie as the plot was already stretched thin as it was. Hated every single character in every single movie. It is basically horror made for girls. Which good for them, they finally got a horror franchise geared towards them. But I got nothing out of this.

17. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Idiotic film that didn’t make a lick of sense. It’s basically a satanic panic film, adding in this ridiculous Satan witchcraft plot line that is so dumb you’ll find yourself laughing at it when you should be frightened.

16. Cruella

Cruella is the good guy? What? This is mostly a film about fashion and dress making. If that sounds interesting to you, by all means, go watch this movie. I couldn’t stomach it.

15. Tom and Jerry

This film took time off my life. That’s how terrible it is. I’m not really sure who this is for. It seemed geared more towards the older crowd who still remember Tom and Jerry, even recreating some of the more famous skits, but then they’d gen z it up with slang and music. It was almost made to give you a headache.

14. Infinite

Not much to really say about this other than it’s a generic action movie that didn’t really make a ton of sense. I hope you’re seeing the pattern here of this list. Your movie doesn’t make sense, it automatically gets on my shit list.

13. Spiral

It’s better than the last Saw movie I guess, but that really isn’t saying much. You want a fresh start to your franchise, so you bring in the same director of the less than stellar sequels? No thank you. It also just abruptly ends after the more than obvious killer is revealed.

12. Space Jam: A New Legacy

There’s no actual space this time. Unless they mean cyberspace, which would be dumb. The animation looks bad, really bad. The plot is a rehash of the first but somehow managing to get even dumber. The acting is pathetic along with the music. I was never a fan of the first film, but I remember everyone loving the soundtrack. The soundtrack this time around just felt like a bunch of songs the studio had rights to, so they tossed it in.

11. Titane

French arthouse “horror” film, what did you expect. After all the raving about this movie it piqued my interest. Then I actually watched the damn thing. The first act is weird, but at least the movie was moving along. Then the second act came around and then all plot hit a wall. Nothing of interest really happens until the last 5 minutes when she gives birth. But even that was anticlimactic. Movie felt like it had a couple of random ideas that didn’t seem to connect with one another, and the movie drags its feet until the end credits.

10. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Raccoon City is less a city and more of a small town with like 10 people living in it. Everything in this is wrong. But they will recreate scenes right from the video games. The best thing I can compare it to is the terrible Netflix adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. The characters are all wrong, the dialogue and acting was so bad I thought maybe it was trying to mimic the bad line delivery from the games. They also seem to be combining RE 1 and 2 together, which doesn’t work whatsoever. This didn’t feel like a movie, but maybe a fan made project or maybe a low budget tv series. Which is what I thought this was when the trailer first came out.

9. Demonic

What the hell is it with talented directors making some of the worst things they have ever done in 2021? To start this terrible trend off, we have Neill Blomkamp. This doesn’t feel like anything he has ever done previously. He has a recognizable voice, but none of that is featured here. It felt cheap, rushed, poorly executed like a majority of these pandemic films. The plot doesn’t really make sense and is kind of all over the place. You almost have to be trying to make a movie as bad as Chappie. Then you watch the stuff on his YouTube channel, his short films and you will be so puzzled as to how or way this was even made.

8. Annette

If not for the Sparks documentary, I would have never of noticed this musical. The worst part of this musical is the actual music. It’s basically just one word or sentence repeated ad nauseum. It reminded me a lot of this terribly done but hilarious short film Turtle Dreams featured on Redlettermedia’s Best of the Worst.
Maybe if you’re a fan of these guys you might think differently, but I hated every moment of this.

7. Prisoners of the Ghostland

You know how big of a Nic Cage fan I am. This movie had me so damn excited. Honestly, this was kind of the most anticipated film of 2021 for me. And it ended up being the biggest disappointment. Nic Cage was great. He’s always never the problem. He isn’t Bruce Willis who just doesn’t give a shit anymore. The issue lies in the bad writing and the bad directing. It felt so cheap and rushed. At times the clasp to Nic Cage’s suit that he is meant to be locked into was just hanging open. The sets were something you’d find at Burning Man or something. The plot was nonsensical with actors trying to out Cage the Cage. Never try to out Cage the Cage!!!!

6. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

For some bizarre reason, this movie kept popping up on everyone’s best list. For the life of me I can’t explain it. Did I miss something? No, this movie is just bad. But not just bad, but possibly the worst movie I’ve seen in a while. I guess it’s based off SNL characters, but I don’t remember a single skit of these two, so who knows. The movie is weird, but not in any way funny.

5. Music

This was so hard to watch. I’d put this up there with movies like Tiptoes where they mean everything to be endearing but comes off as cringy and offensive. From what I read on the movie it seemed like the music video dance segments was added in later. They are so out of place and weird but so is everything in this movie. Apparently, the best way to calm someone with autism is to just tackle them and hold them down until they start to behave. That’s just one of a million things wrong with this extremely tone-deaf movie.


This is the worst film M. Night Shyamalan has ever done. He keeps seeming to regress, like every film is his first. The writing in this is absolutely dreadful. How the hell did this man win an Oscar for writing? He also seems to hire actors who can’t act. And Cinematographers who apparently lost their ability to see during filming. Everything is just wrong with this movie, and I can’t really explain how it got like this other than incompetence.

3. Army of the Dead

Speaking of directors who went blind. Holy crap. Zack Snyder used an old broken tv lens on a digital camera, making the whole film blurry and out of focus. A great example of how bad it gets, just watch Army of Thieves, the prequel. That film, still not good, was filmed normally. But then they splice in footage from Army of the Dead and it’s like you’ve instantly lost your eyesight. If that wasn’t bad enough the film is riddled with dead pixels, annoying little white dots in almost every single scene. Aside from the way it looks, the plot also makes no sense. They are hired by a casino owner to rob his own casino, yet they have to get a safe cracker to break into it? Just tell them the code. Also, the plot twist of why they are actually there is also completely idiotic and makes everything thus far kind of pointless.

2. Last Night in Soho

I would say I’m a pretty big Edgar Wright fan, I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done. Until now. This is hands down story wise the worst film he has ever made. Visually, yeah, all style but absolutely zero substance. Even the dialogue was terrible. He’s usually so witty with his dialogue but everything felt so cliché and just downright cringy at times. He basically just made a 2-hour music video to a band you don’t like. Also, I’m pretty sure the main character ripped off all her dress designs.

1. Matrix Resurrections

Simply put, this movie should have never of been made. This is a shallow cash in for the studio and a halfhearted attempt at nostalgia from a director past her prime. The visuals are laughable, the fight sequences are just pathetic. The plot makes zero sense in the large scheme of things. Nothing is done right, even causing some to speculate it was done purposefully. It reminds me of all the Star Wars prequel defenders trying to convince themselves that Jar Jar Binks was secretly a Sith lord all along.

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