An excerpt from my script review for Scream 5 (2022) which will be available 01/24/22:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Don’t call it a reboot!

But it’s not quite a sequel either, which the characters discuss in the script, and makes me wonder…

Are all these “not sequels/reboots” becoming a bit too meta?

Matrix Resurrections definitely was for yours truly, but as I read more and more into this story I couldn’t help but feel that this installment of Scream wasn’t far behind.

For instance, after reading a script the boss and I generally discuss what I read, me using it as an opportunity to bounce ideas off her that I’d like to focus on for the review.

One of the things that took a while to go over was the fact that inside the Scream universe, there’s this whole other universe for the Stab series, based on Sidney Prescott’s misadventures.

Initially she thought it was a knockoff version of Scream, so I had to explain that no, these are made up films inside the existing film, based on what happened.

Not only that, the Stab films star all kinds of real, popular actors!

It seems very thought out, which is good, but maybe taken too far?

We’ll discuss it a little more later, but as this script went on, it almost felt more like a horror version of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with occasional 4th wall breaks and audience nods, than what I remember the first and second Scream films being.

My hope is that this isn’t some lazy trend that’s forming for other “re-quels”.

However, will people want to read this?


Will the “legacy cast” be open to taking an easy paycheck in this time of covid?


Scream 5 Box Office Stats

(The fucker made money, that’s for sure.)

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