An excerpt from my script review for Songbird which will be available 02/22/21:

3.) Quality of Characters

Similar to Crash, it was good how all the characters’ lives and stories were interconnected.

That enhances your story.

Unfortunately some of the “side relationships” were underdeveloped and felt rushed.

I’m thinking about Lester and Izzy, particularly.

She’s the surrogate daughter he lost early on in the pandemic.

It’s touching, sure, but so rushed that we’re forced to believe it because there’s no other choice.

Something similar can be argued for what the Griffin dynamic brings to the story, too.

I’ve already touched on the Nico and Sara issues above, so we’ll skip over that.

One thing I feel needs mentioned…

That’s Michael Bay.  He’s human just like the rest of us, and perhaps an introvert like some of us.

Getting up on that stage would be hard enough, but being flustered after a technical difficulty would be unbearable.

His reaction was understandable.

Where this personality reference comes into play is on Dozer.

Sure he’s a reclusive loner, but that’s not license to be a fucking creep.

Now I know Bay may not have written this script, but we need to stop with all the “heroic knight” bullshit in movies, especially when it’s flawed.

Using a drone for voyeuristic purposes isn’t endearing, it’s fucking creepy and a crime.

This is the portion of the #MeToo movement I’m perfectly fine with because Hollywood consistently presents this fucking notion that the guy can save the girl, no matter how twisted or misplaced his methods, because he “loves” her.

Sometimes Suzie doesn’t need to be saved, Joe.

Buying a woman dinner doesn’t entitle you to “come up for a nightcap” at the end of evening.

Paying a lady $20 for a lap dance doesn’t give you the right to follow her home.

Buying a gal guitar strings doesn’t allow you to deliver them to her apartment “personally” without her permission.

And let’s be honest…the instant after William leaves May’s apartment wasn’t the first time Dozer just happened to have the drone peeping into her window.

It’s just the first time we are told about it.

He has a crush on her, fine…but fucking boundaries, man.

And how is this handled by May?

She’s perfectly fine with it.

You know why she’s fucking fine with it?  Because it’s a fucking story, that’s why.

Honestly, we need to get past this shit as a society.

I have two daughters entering their teens soon, and the “he picks on you because he likes you” mentality is tired and insulting.

We’re better than that.

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