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Come to Daddy – From the folks who brought you Mandy!

Not to be confused with the Aphex Twin song of the same name. https://youtu.be/TZ827lkktYs

What Could Have Been – Star Wars: Episode IX – Duel...

An excerpt from my script review for Star Wars: Episode IX - Duel of the Fates which will be available 02/18/20:

Bombshells and Dollies – A Pinup Documentary

Reals took a look at this documentary hitting digital platforms this Valentine's Day!

The Lodge – When a “Fooled You” Twist Doesn’t Work

An excerpt from my script review for The Lodge which will be available 02/10/2020: 2.) Plot Stability

Cats – The Cap’n DARES You to Say You Like It!

I think the trailer tells you everything you need to know about the disaster that is Cats. There’s no hiding how...

The Rhythm Section – Lively Atomic Blonde, or new Bond?

An excerpt from my script review for The Rhythm Section which will be available 02/03/2020: 1.) Marketability of the Idea

The Gentleman – Show, Don’t Tell in Your Spec

An excerpt from my script review for The Gentleman which will be available 01/26/20: 4.) Dialogue and Description

Color Out of Space – Nic Cage’s best since Mandy?

My love of Mandy is no secret. In fact, I just recently bought yet another official Mandy t-shirt, making my number now...