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Guns Akimbo – Was it crazy enough?

If you like the film Wanted, then I’ve got a movie for you, as it’s pretty much the same thing but not...

Boltneck – A Ryan Reynolds Masterpiece!

An excerpt from my script review for Boltneck which will be available 03/03/2020: Boltneck was a masterpiece!

It All Begins With a Song – Nashville Documentary Review

Hello everyone! Today I am excited to bring you another documentary review of a project called It All Begins With a Song. Our...

Write to Reals – Invisible Man: Unproduced Goyer Review

An excerpt from Reals' script review for The Invisible Man - Unproduced 2010 David Goyer which will be available 02/27/2020:

Guest Review – Canceled Gambit Project

An excerpt from SK's script review for Gambit - Fox's Cancelled X-Men Spinoff which will be available 02/27/2020: ...

Parasite – Best Screenplay…with issues.

An excerpt from my script review for Parasite which will be available 02/25/2020: 3.) Quality of Characters

Come to Daddy – From the folks who brought you Mandy!

Not to be confused with the Aphex Twin song of the same name. https://youtu.be/TZ827lkktYs

What Could Have Been – Star Wars: Episode IX – Duel...

An excerpt from my script review for Star Wars: Episode IX - Duel of the Fates which will be available 02/18/20: