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Nightcrawler – Script Analysis


nightcrawler-script-reviewAn excerpt from my script review for Nightcrawler which will be available 11/04/14:

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3.) Quality of Characters

Lou’s awful.

Not written awful, of course, just an awful person that we despise.

The script reads like a train wreck, in that we detest Lou so much, that we’re flying through the pages trying to see where he fails.

He’s the last person we’d invite to a party, let alone talk to if he was there.

Lou doesn’t get along with people, because he’s above them, hell, probably above us, and we hate him for it.

This type of character felt unique, and I’m still trying to figure out if there’s another character with shared disndain.

(I’m sure there’s an example or two, but the closest I could come was Alonzo from Training Day but he was clouded for most of the script just how bad a guy he really is.)

Not Lou, from page one, he’s a creep preying on the creepiest parts of LA.

And the lies.

Lies to a nurse just looking to hook up with him.

Lies and steals a bike, embellishing the cost to get gear for shooting video.

Probably lies about his “online business classes” to Nina.

We can’t really trust a word out of his mouth…

Yet we continue to flip the pages.


We want to be there when he fails.

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