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Fury – Script Analysis


Fury - Script ReviewAn excerpt from my script review for Fury which will be available 10/27/14:

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3.) Quality of Characters

Characters were a bit overwhelming at first, but once you figure out who’s who in a few pages, they’re easy to keep straight.

Wardaddy especially was nice, being slightly off his rocker, and having an appropriate backstory for why he is who he is.

The only bit I didn’t like was Coon-ass saying Wardaddy “shit his pants” the first time he saw action.

That shouldn’t have been true, and was fine if Coon was lying to make Norman feel better, but should have been clarified later on.

It was okay seeing his respectful side, like with the German widow and her cousin, but there’s a difference between respectful and being afraid.

War suits Wardaddy, and EVERYTHING needs to support that.

Norman was okay, although his conversion to a “real soldier” felt half-assed at best, in that he abandoned his morals rather quickly and didn’t turn back.

It was also VERY confusing the whole “I’ve got the sight” nonsense.

So he was kind of psychic, but other than telling Wardaddy, “You’re going to die,” it didn’t really fit or seem needed.

(Oh, but he could trace lifelines on people’s hands, which he does all of twice, I think.)

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