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Interstellar – Script vs. Movie


Interstellar Script ReviewAn excerpt from my Interstellar Script Analysis which will be available 11/10/14:

2.) Plot Stability

Finding NASA

(Movie) A “gravity ghost” is in Murph’s room, and gives the coordinates via a binary dirt message on the floor.

(Script) A probe crashes to Earth, leading Cooper to an island off the coast of California, where the remnants of NASA are mounting this final mission.

I preferred the script’s storyline here to the movie’s.

The problem with the movie is you start to paint yourself into a corner with the whole “spiritual” thing.

When Murph keeps talking about the ghost, I groaned in my seat thinking, “Shit it’s going to be her mom, or Coop’s going to die and it’ll be him.” Sort of like a “Swing away, Merrill,” moment.

I was part right, part wrong, but the probe idea still worked a lot better, and didn’t force a plot “stretch” early on.

(Note – I personally wasn’t satisfied with Cooper finding the “timeline” of the bookcase. Not when I left the theater after, and ESPECIALLY not after I read the way it played out in the script.)

The probe works.

It’s a logical reason for why the machines (including the early captured Indian/Russian drone) are seeking a certain point AND gets Cooper to NASA without “ghosts.”

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  1. Personally, I didn’t like Interstellar much either. But there weren’t any ghosts in the movie, there is no spiritualism at all. I can’t really be bothered to explain (it’s (too) complicated) but you can read up on it yourself.
    Don’t get me wrong though, that whole bookshelf thing had me groaning as well.


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