An excerpt from my script review for Jojo Rabbit which will be available 10/22/19:

2.) Plot Stability

First and foremost, I love Thor: Ragnarok.  It was easily the best Thor film, and the perfect lead in to Infinity War.

Having said that, and understanding this particular script was a satire, I didn’t get the overall point.

It seemed like an entire story dedicated to pointing out that the entire Nazi culture was stupid.

Is there anyone disagreeing with that?

In an article I came across on the script, stating Taika Waititi played Hitler so he was also directing the film dressed as the former dictator, the writer/director also called it a coming of age story.


It’s mainly a Nazi youth meandering through Germany in the final months of World War 2.

The setting is interesting, but aside from that it’s just not a great story, and this sort of thing makes me question if the Black List is more “rigged” than an independent list of unproduced screenplays.

(”I’ll vote for your client if you vote for mine!”)

So the meandering…

There were the cute moments with Jojo and his mother, and although one could argue they were heartwarming, they also didn’t really go anywhere.

Then the “coming of age” bit with Jojo and Elsa, just to point out how completely stupid his beliefs are.  Um, yeah, he’s fucking TEN and being taught this shit in school!

And Yorki…poor Yorki who’s sole reason for existing seems to be for Jojo to call him his “best friend” at the end which I guess marks the full character arc for Jojo giving up on Nazism?

After reading this, I’m not surprised it was difficult to get made initially, and that it’s a limited release Fox Searchlight picture.

(If any of us amateurs were to pitch it, we may get a read or two that would ultimately lead to a “pass” in its current form.)

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