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If I Stay – Script Review


If-I-Stay-script-reviewAn excerpt from my script review for If I Stay which will be available 8/25/14:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

It’s based on a book.

That little factoid alone will generate reads with folks in Hollywood.

Simply stated, it limits the risk on money invested when you can bring an established audience to the table.

Having said that, I’ve not read said book.

When I asked the boss, she hadn’t either, but mentioned that her mom had in her book club, and those chatty hens really enjoyed it.

It also appears to have overwhelming positive reviews on Amazon.

That fact makes me a little mad at my mother-in-law…

No offense to Ms. Forman, who wrote the book, or to Ms. Cross who wrote the screenplay, I’m sure they’re both lovely people, but the way this story was presented in the script just felt…lazy.

(My hope is that the book was better.)

I’ll certainly touch on it in the other sections, but I got the feeling something must have gone over my head…somewhere…

(Or at least it makes me now question when the wife’s mother compliments me on my writing.)

Want the full review? Follow this link to the If I Stay Discussion.

And be sure to check out our Notes Service, where I give my detailed thoughts and suggestions on your script.



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