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Coming Home In The Dark – New Zealand based horror film and not Australia like I thought. Still, I enjoyed it, but found myself not completely sold on the whole abusive school backstory the movie presented. Not to go into too many spoilers, it felt slightly unnecessary as these guys didn’t seem to need a reason to do the things they were doing. I’m going to give this one a RENT.

The Mutation – Let’s see, the only good thing I can say about this movie is the SFX were actually not bad. I mean, the rat monster costume was laughable as hell, but the gore, when there was gore, was surprisingly well done. Everything else however is just embarrassing. One weird thing was, I couldn’t pinpoint just where this was meant to be set as everyone had a different accent. Hell, even the main actress couldn’t say Linda without adding an R to it. Linder. SKIP!

The Amityville Moon – I figured I should just get my monster movies out of the way. Mutation was bad but it ain’t got nothin’ on this pile of shit. For one, it’s just so goddamn boring! Seriously, nothing happens in this and when something finally does, it’s so poorly done you’ll regret having stuck around. Saying this film is garbage is an understatement and calling it a film is just insulting. HARD SKIP!

The Trip – Had potential with an interesting plot. War of the Roses with a horror twist. But the film seems to lose interest in its own plot, introducing escaped convicts into the mix. I guess technically this is a horror comedy, but the humor didn’t work for me. But there is a good chance it might have been lost on me because I watched the dubbed version, which sucked. I still would say this movie is worth checking out, so I’ll give it a lukewarm RENT.

Cyst – Starring the “you don’t piss on hospitality” guy from Troll 2, who brings an over the told performance to a very short but over the top gross out monster film. The issue really lies in location for me. This is set in a tiny office space but the monster is massive, so we get about two different locations with this giant thing waddling around in a narrow hallway. Needed to better use the location it was in. RENT.

And now for my thoughts on some new horror TV shows…

Chucky – I’m a big fan of the franchise, so I was super excited to see not only was Chucky getting a series by the creator himself, but was picking up where the last film left off. For a pilot I think it worked well, I’m more interested in more background on Chucky himself as this seems to be set in his hometown. I give the pilot a SEE IT.

Day of the Dead – Another SyFy Channel original. This is more what I thought of when thinking about a SyFy series. This one kind of sucked, really having nothing to do with the film sharing the same name. About the only thing this has in common are zombies. This feels less like Day of the Dead and more like Return of the Living Dead. SKIP.

I Know What You Did Last Summer – Another TV series based off a movie, however this was terrible. Like Day of the Dead, this has very little to do with the original source material. In fact I have no idea why they even bothered calling it the same name. The characters are absolutely hands down the worst, most annoying pieces of shit imaginable. The lead is also incredibly unlikable, I liked nothing about this show. Reminiscent of that shitty MTV Scream series. SKIP!!

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