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Gone Girl – Script Analysis


Gone-Girl-script-reviewAn excerpt from my script review for Gone Girl which will be available 10/22/14:

Want the full review? Follow this link to the Gone Girl script review.

2.) Plot Stability

Carson sent out an email once about what was coming up that week at Scriptshadow, and I know it’s a sin, but I rarely read stuff from over there.

However, this particular email caught my eye. He mentioned Game of Thrones, and how even though it did EVERYTHING Carson DID NOT recommend (lots of characters, too much talking, etc.) he still loved the show.

That same feeling wandered into my mind as I read this script.

There was A LOT going on with the plot, but it treaded that fine line of “too much” very well, and I didn’t guess what would happen AT ALL.

I enjoy that, for the record.

Especially when I hit the midpoint and found out Amy set Nick up.

All very good to there and from there.

My SINGLE suggestion for a better ending, and since Nick stays with her anyway, was at one point Amy checks the sales of her parents’ Amazing Amy books online.

This has been Amy and Nick’s main source of income in the past, and since the books are back on top given her disappearance, it would have been VERY cool to have Nick in it with her in the end.

More like a DOUBLE WHAMMY plot twist.

And what was even more interesting to me was all the shit Amy did was pretty plausible, and didn’t leave me thinking the story was “stretching” possibilities.

I won’t focus much on the plot, but did want to mention the following.


The writer did an awesome job with contrasts.

Amazing Amy vs. Real Life Amy

Once Wealthy Carthage vs. Abandoned Mansions and Drug Dealing Mall

Journal Flashbacks vs. Current Nick and Amy Situation

And lastly…page 44.

Amy writes Nick a note calling him her “sun.” The very next line is Nick out in the middle of the night.

It’s cool because she’s talking about what a great guy he is (sun), but we’re beginning to think he murdered his wife (dark of night).

All really cool shit that set a great mental image as I read.

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