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Theory of Everything – Script Analysis


theory-of-everything-script-reviewAn excerpt from my script review for The Theory of Everything which will be available 12/02/14:

3.) Quality of Characters


Introduced as an awkward, yet charming, individual.

Enjoyed him very much for most of the script. Even when his body began to slip away from him, he still kept a sense of humor that was relatable, even adding “brief” to his book title because he found it amusing.

He was also intriguing, especially as a wheelchair bound Stephen began chasing skirts, and outright flirting with the attractive Elaine.

Is he really the lady’s man?


Another charming character, who loves Stephen for everything that he is.

Inspiring to see, and think about, her struggling to maintain that love given the adversity Stephen’s condition presented, especially considering the challenges of our own relationships.

Other characters, aside from parents, Jonathan and Brian.

Shit. Bunch of names we didn’t really need, and could have easily been generic extra names.

Want the full review? Follow this link to the Theory of Everything Script Review.

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