An excerpt from my script review for Brittle Innings which will be available 07/30/18:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Brittle Innings.

That makes me think of one of the recent Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix.

(From The Bird Revelation.)

Brittle. Spirit.

That’s a very rational way to look at some of these #MeToo situations.

Now, before anyone rushes to judge, the movement is necessary and I’m glad it’s being discussed. Sex, abuse, misconduct, etc. is never okay when it’s not consensual, but there are those “gray” moments (for lack of a better word) where we’re left scratching our heads and need to define them as a society.

The wife and I had a discussion about Louis CK, given that several of the women had similar complaints to the clip.

If you’re chatting with someone at a bar, and he (or she) invites you up to their room for drinks, that implies a certain something, right? You’re already having drinks at the bar, so why would you need drinks in the room?

Again, it doesn’t make forcing one’s self on another acceptable, but a rational person needs to be aware that there’s a chance there’s more than drinks involved.

Dave Chappelle eloquently stated what the wife and I were talking as we drove.

There needs to be a line.

He later goes on to explain about Harvey Weinstein answering his hotel door at 2am in a robe and boxers. That’s not normal, and if you go into the room there’s an unspoken agreement that you’re okay with it being out of the ordinary.

If I go to the doctor’s office, and the doctor greets me at an examination room in just a lab coat and underpants, I’m turning around and walking out the door, because that shit ain’t fucking normal.

However, if I choose to stay, I can’t genuinely act surprised when I’m having the most erotic colonoscopy of my life despite only coming in for a sore throat…




Okay, so it’s a story set in the South, during WWII, about a minor league baseball team…

Oh, and Frankenstein’s Monster plays for the Hellbenders.

Certainly an interesting concept, but it felt unnecessary, like a cheap gimmick to sell what otherwise could have been a worthwhile story of physical restrictions, racism, and classism, all under that theme of baseball.

Since this is unproduced, here’s a few other baseball related movies to test the waters if you’re considering a similar project.

The Natural
The Rookie
The Babe
A League of Their Own
Angels in the Outfield

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