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Amateur Scripts…On Monday!


amateur-monday-script-reviews****DEADLINE MARCH 31, 2015!!!

Hi all.

Hoping to spice things up for our weekly script reviews by going back to our roots. Reviewing Amateur Scripts!

Because Friday is kind of a busy day for that, and so we’re not stepping on anybody’s digital toes, this is something I’m hoping to do once a month.

Offer is open to members via our Upload Your Script forum.

If interested, feel free to log in to the forums, upload your script and…INCLUDE YOUR LOGLINE!

(Doesn’t hurt to shoot me an email with “Amateur Monday” in the subject line, then include the link to your posted script along with the logline in the email too.)

We’ve sent this info out via email, and because we’re not a precise organization in any manner, I’ll be keeping entries open until the end of March to ensure everyone can enter. After that I’ll go through and pick 5 or so projects based on enticing loglines and PUT IT TO A VOTE, via a poll in our forums.

Make it count! Your fellow Write to Reelers could hold the fate of your project in their hands!

Write your asses off,



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