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Lazarus Effect – Wait we can learn something?!


lazarus-effect-scriptAn excerpt from my script review for Lazarus Effect which will be available 03/09/15:

3.) Quality of Characters

Plot. Dialogue. Format. Things to learn from each, but let’s check out characters.

The characters are a bit cliché, but the important thing to note here is everyone’s connected.

Frank and Zoe are engaged, but he’s dragging his feet to the alter.

Clay has a one night stand with Eva.

Niko secretly loves Zoe.

Eva shows up, and because Frank is stalling with marrying Zoe, Zoe doesn’t like Eva’s close proximity to any of them.

This works.

The more you connect your characters, the more real they become, and the more plot opportunities you present for yourself.

My one criticism is the script should have amped up that tension between Zoe, Frank, and Eva.

Put Eva and Frank in a situation or two that Zoe can easily misinterpret, which means we can too. Then once she comes back batshit crazy, she can take a little of this aggression out on the two of them because she’s jealous.

What else can this script show us? Follow this link to the Lazarus Effect script analysis.

And be sure to check out our Notes Service, where I give my detailed thoughts and suggestions on your script.


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