Unsolicited Queries – Agents, Producers, Managers List

Here’s an old list I got from a fellow writer a bit back. Not sure how up to date it is, but please feel free to let us know.

Remember, it never hurts to query.

(For more up to date listings, check out our Querying Resources forum.)

1. Abrams Artists Agency
9200 Sunset Blvd., 11th Fl.
Los Angeles CA 90069
Web site: www.abramsartists.com
How to contact: By mail only; Do not
phone or visit

2. American Republic Entertainment
Web site:
Principals: James Victor Bulian
Genres sought: Drama, Comedy, Romantic
Comedy, Black Comedy, Poiltical Thriller,
Crime, Mystery, Romance, Action.
How to contact: Keep your query letter
brief. Include a LOGLINE; 2 to 3 paragraph
SYNOPSIS; what you are seeking (type of
deal, sale, co-production.); and writing
Do not send any material unless we send
you an ARE Submission Agreement Form
Email address:

3. American Zoetrope
Web site: www.zoetrope.com
Principals: Michael Zakin
Credits: Youth Without Youth, The Good
Shepherd, Marie Antoinette, Lost in
Translation, Kinsey, CQ, Jeepers Creepers
1&2, The Virgin Suicides, Sleepy Hollow,
Wind, Jack, Don Juan DeMarco, The Rain
People, THX 1138, Hearts of Darkness: A
Filmmaker’s Apocalypse, Bram Stoker’s
Dracula, The Rainmaker, Apocalypse Now,
The Conversation
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features
How to contact: Accepts submissions by
Email address:

4. Andrew Lauren Productions
36 E. 23rd St., Ste. 6F
New York, NY 10010
Web site:
Principals: Andrew Lauren
Credits: The Squid and the Whale, G.
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features
How to contact: Email loglines with
Submission Release (available on website)
Email address:

5. Ballyhoo, Inc.
6738 Wedgewood Pl.
Los Angeles CA 90068
Principals: Michael Besman
Credits: Georgia Rule, Seven Years in
Tibet, Bounce, The Opposite of Sex, About
Formats sought: Features, TV series
How to contact: Via mail, addressed
‘Attention: Query.’

6. Barnstorm Films
73 Market St.
Venice CA 90291
Principals: Tony Bill, Helen Bartlett
Credits: Taxi Driver, Untamed Heart, My
Bodyguard, Five Corners, The Sting, In the
Time of the Butterflies, Last Call, The
Fixer, North Country
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
How to contact: Letters via mail with
‘query’ on the envelope. Include synopsis
and SASE.

7. Barry Perelman Agency
415 Washington Blvd., Ste. 902
Marina del Rey CA 90292
Principals: Barry A. Perelman
How to contact: Mail query only

8. Bates Entertainment
895-1/2 S. Lucerne Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90005
Principals: Edward J. Bates, Rochelle Bates
Credits: Last Time I Committed Suicide,
Kingdom Come, Fall Time, Fallen (ABC
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features,
Made-for-TV/Cable Movies.
How to contact: Submit query letter in
writing; No unsolicited scripts

9. Boxx Communications, LLC
3685 Motor Ave, Suite 120
Los Angeles CA 90034
Web site: www.boxxcommunications.tv
Principals: Scott Noe
Credits: Shattered Bits, Liquid News, The
Jim Rose Twisted Tour
Formats sought: Commercials, Made-For-
TV/Cable Movies, Reality TV
How to contact: Email queries with
‘Query’ in subject line.
Email address:

10. Burnside Entertainment, Inc.
Web site: www.burnsideentertainment.com
Principals: Glen Trotiner, Seth William
Credits: Overnight Sensation, Piñero,
Radio Inside, I Love You, I Love You Not,
With Friends Like These, Three’s a Crowd,
Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding, Bella, Bernard
and Doris
Formats sought: Features
Genres sought: Internet Content, Theatre,
TV Series
How to contact: Email only
Email address:

11. Caliber Talent
Web site: http://www.calibermedia.com/contact
Credits: New York City Kitties, Click,
Stones Point, Americana
Formats sought: All Formats
Genres sought: Drama, Dark Comedy,
Budget range: $500K-$5 million
How to contact: Submit only a query letter
for film related projects.
Email address: eparks@calibertalent.com

12. Cedar Grove Agency Entertainment
PO Box 1692
Issaquah WA 98027
How to contact: Send one-page synopsis;
do not send email attachment or call;
presently does not represent horror, erotic
thrillers or period pieces
Email address:

13. Concept Entertainment
334-1/2 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.
Los Angeles CA 90036
Web site: www.conceptentertainment.biz
Principals: David Faigenblum, Melissa
Credits: Material Girls, The Big White
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
TV/Cable Movies, TV Series
How to contact: Email queries with
‘Query’ in subject line.
Email address:

14. Craig Anderson Productions
444 N. Larchmont Blvd., Ste. 109
Los Angeles CA 90004
Web site: www.cappix.com
Principals: Craig Anderson
Credits: On Golden Pond, Songs in
Ordinary Time, The Piano Lesson, The
Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Midwives, True
Women, The Christmas Shoes, O Pioneers!,
Sally Hemings, Wilder Days, Meltdown, For
the Love of a Child, The Christmas Blessing
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
TV/Cable, Movies, Miniseries, TV Series
How to contact: Email loglines only with
‘Query – Logline’ in subject line.
Email address: info@cappix.com

15. CrazyDreams Entertainment
51 Los Altos Rd.
Orinda CA 94563
Web site: www.crazydreams.com
Principals: Randy Holleschau
Credits: Confession, All You Need,
Changing Hearts, Hunt for Justice, The
Sasquatch Gang, Towards Darkness
Formats sought: Animation, Commercials
How to contact: Email queries only.
Include a tag line and/or a one paragraph
synopsis. No features at this time.
Email address: info@crazydreams.com

16. Destiny Pictures
Web site: www.destinypictures.biz
Principals: Mark Castaldo
Credits: Psych 9, The Perfect Tenant, The
Perfect Nanny, My Run (documentary)
Formats sought: Completed
Feature/Television Screenplays
Genres sought: All (no period pieces at
this time)
Budget range: $1 million – $5 milion
(independent) and $10 million and up for
high concept studio fare
How to contact: Accepts log lines via email
Email address: destiny@destinypictures.biz

17. Ensemble Entertainment
280 S. Beverly Dr. Ste. 402
Beverly Hills CA 90212
Principals: Jon Brown, Jeffrey Thal
Formats sought: Animation, Direct to
Video/DVD, Documentaries, Features,
Made-For-TV/Cable Movies, Miniseries,
TV Series
How to contact: Queries accepted by mail

18. Fun Little Movies
Web site: www.funlittlemovies.com, and
Principals: Frank Chindamo
Credits: See website
Formats sought: Mobile/Internet short
comedy series
Genres sought: Comedy, family, kids,
light entertainment
Budget range: TBD per project, but NO upfront
financing; co-production deals only
How to contact: Accepts submissions of
commercial, sellable, mobile and/or internet
series; Must be connected to funding and/or

19. Grade A Entertainment
Principals: Andy Cohen
Credits: Untraceable, Captain Ron, It
Takes Two, A Chance of Snow
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
TV/Cable Movies, TV series
How to contact: Email queries with
‘Query’ in subject line.
Email address:

20. Hollywood East Entertainment, Inc
900 Wheeler Rd., Ste. 230
Hauppauge NY 11788
Web site: www.hollywoodeast.tv
Principals: Corey Damsker, Steve
Credits: Unique Whips (Speed Channel),
Hollywood East, Hollywood East TV
Formats sought: Commercials,
Documentaries, Internet, Content, Mobile
Content, Music Videos, Reality TV,
Specials, TV Series
How to contact: No unsolicted material;
Query first

21. Jack Scagnetti Talent &
Literary Agency
5118 Vineland Ave., Ste. 106
North Hollywood CA 91607
Principals: Jack Scagnetti
How to contact: Mail only, do not call

22. Lancaster Gate Entertainment
Principals: Richard C. Berman, Brian K.
Credits: Secret Cutting, December, Grumpy
Old Men, Grumpier Old Men, Angel Flight
Down, The Four Chaplains: Sacrifice at Sea
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features,
Made-For-TV/Cable Movies.
How to contact: Email queries with
‘Query’ in subject line.
Email address: langate@aol.com

23. Launchpad Productions
Principals: David W. Higgins
Credits: Disfigured, Hard Candy, Big
Momma’s House 1&2, Here on Earth
Formats sought: Features
How to contact: Email queries only. No
Email address:

24. Lighthouse Productions
120 El Camino Dr., Ste. 116
Beverly Hills CA 90212
Principals: Michael Phillips
Credits: The Last Mimzy, The Sting, Close
Encounters of the Third Kind, Taxi Driver,
The Flamingo Kid
Formats sought: Animation, Direct-to-
Video/DVD, Features, TV Series
How to contact: No unsolicited
submissions; Synopses only via mail or
email or fax to 310-859-7511.
Email address:

25. Lucky Crow Films
Principals: Kerry David, Jon Gunn
Credits: My Date with Drew, Agent Cody
Banks 1&2, The Usual Suspects (Special
Edition DVD), Mercy Streets, Perfect
Romance, Final Table Poker with Phil
Gordon, Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk
& Fred Funk
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features,
Made-For-TV/Cable Movies, Reality TV
How to contact: By email only, with ‘Query
– Attn: Robyn Pruzansky’ in the subject line
Email address: luckycrowfilms@aol.com

26. Merchant-Ivory
Web site: www.merchantivory.com
Principals: James Ivory
Credits: The White Countess, Heights, Le
Divorce, The Mystic Masseur, The Golden
Bowl, Cotton Mary, A Soldier’s Daughter
Never Cries, The Proprietary, Jefferson in
Paris, Slaves of New York, Maurice,
Howards End, A Room with a View,
Surviving Picasso, The Remains of the Day,
The Bostonians, Merci Dr. Rey
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features,
Made-For-TV/Cable, TV Series
How to contact: No unsolicited material;
Fax queries to 201-222-1448

27. Moonstone Entertainment
Web site: www.moonstonefilms.com
Principals: Ernst Stroh, Yael Stroh, Luz
Credits: Together, Hotel, Dancing at the
Blue Iguana, Pandaemonium, Twin Falls
Idaho, Miss Julie, Cookie’s Fortune,
Afterglow, Digging to China, Toolbox
Murders, The Promise
Formats sought: Features
How to contact: Fax queries to 818-985-
3009, addressed ‘Attention: Query.’

28. Nancy Tenenbaum Films
Principals: Nancy Tenenbaum
Credits: Meet the Fockers, Meet the
Parents, The Daytrippers, Mac, The
Rapture, sex, lies and videotape
Formats sought: Animation, Features,
Internet Content, Mobile Content
How to contact: Email a synopsis
Email address: ntfilms2@aol.com

29. New Amsterdam Entertainment, Inc.
1133 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1621
NewYork NY 10036
Web site: www.newamsterdamnyc.com
Principals: Richard P. Rubinstein
Credits: Frank Herbert’s Children of
Dune, Dawn of the Dead (2004), Pet
Sematary, The Stand, The Vernon Johns
Story, Frank Herbert’s Dune, George A.
Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, George A.
Romero’s Martin
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
TV/Cable Movies, TV Series
How to contact: Mail query only Attn:
Director Of Development

30. Norman Twain Productions
250 W. 54th St., Ste. 604
New York NY 10019
Principals: Norman Twain
Credits: Spinning Into Butter, Secret
Order, Heaven’s Fall, Boycott, Curveballs
Along the Way, Lean on Me
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
Cable/TV Movies, TV Series
How to contact: No mail submissions; log
lines by email are accepted
Email address: ntprods@aol.com

31. Pierce Williams Entertainment
Web site:
Principals: Eric Williams, Mark Williams
Formats sought: Feature Length
Genres sought: High concept comedy,
action, and all types of thrillers.
Budget range: Any
How to contact: Email queries with
‘Query’ in subject line.
Email address:

32. Port Magee Pictures, Inc.
Principals: Dan Riley, Peter J. Clark
Credits: Crimes of Passion, Near Death
Experiences, Probies, The Battalion, Band
Together, 50 Best Chick Flicks, What
Hollywood Taught Us About Sex, It’s So
Over, Glamour’s Biggest Fashion Dos and
Don’ts, Extreme Dating, Lloyd & Lee, E!’s
101 Reasons the ’90s Ruled, E!’s 101 Best
Kept Hollywood Secrets, The Ultimate
Hollywood Blonde, many more.
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features,
Made-for-TV/Cable Movies, Reality TV,
TV Series
How to contact: Queries by email only
Email address:

33. Steamroller Productions, Inc.
1438 N. Gower St., Box 22
Los Angeles CA 90028
Web site: www.stevenseagal.com
Principals: Steven Seagal, Phillip Goldfine
Credits: Black Dawn, Submerged, Into the
Sun, The Glimmer Man, Fire Down Below,
On Deadly Ground, Under Siege 1&2,
Above the Law, Steven Seagal’s Aikido: The
Path Beyond Thought, Exit Wounds, Half
Past Dead, Out of Reach, Marked for
Death, Mercenary
Formats sought: Direct-to-Video/DVD,
Documentaries, Features, New Media, TV
How to contact: Query via fax to 323-468-
9974 or email
Email address: steamrollerprod@aol.com

34. The Asylum
Web site: www.theasylum.cc
Principals: David Michael Latt, David
Rimawi, Paul Bales
Credits: The Hitchhiker, The Legend of
Bloody Jack, Dragon, King of the Lost
World, Shapeshifter, Dead Men Walking,
Frankenstein, Beast of Bray Road, H.G.
Wells’ War of the Worlds, Bram Stoker’s
Way of the Vampire, King of the Ants,
Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill,
Evil Eyes
Formats sought: Direct-to-Video/DVD,
How to contact: Via email, with ‘Query’ in
the subject line
Email address: latt@theasylum.cc

35. The Bedford Falls Company
409 Santa Monica Blvd., PH
Santa Monica CA 90401
Principals: Edward Zwick, Marshall
Credits: Quarterlife, Blood Diamond, The
Last Samurai, Traffic, Once and Again,
Dangerous Beauty, Shakespeare in Love, I
Am Sam, Legends of the Fall,
Formats sought: Features, TV Series
How to contact: Via mail with ‘Query’ on
the envelope OR fax queries to 310-394-

36. The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
10532 Blythe Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90064
Web site: www.gusay.com
Principals: Charlotte Gusay,
Credits: Literary Agency, See Website
Formats sought: Books (Novels,
Nonfiction, YA with film potential)
Screenplays, Books to Film
Genres sought: Open to excellent work of
all genres. (Least interested in Sci-Fi or
Budget range: Open
How to contact: Email query no
Email address: gusay1@ca.rr.com

37. Feldman Company, The
1041 N. Formosa Ave., Editorial Bldg.,
Rm. 213
West Hollywood CA 90046
Principals: Todd Feldman
Formats sought: Features, Made-For-
TV/Cable Movies, New Media, TV series.
How to contact: Fax queries to 323-850-
2506, addressed ‘Attention: Query.’

38. Hecht Company, The
Principals: Duffy Hecht
Credits: First, Last and Deposit, King Of
The Ants, Edmond
Formats sought: Motion Picture/TV
Genres sought: All genres
Budget range: Indie or studio sized budgets
How to contact: Email query
Email address: HechtCo@aol.com

39. Radmin Company, The
Principals: Becky Zoshak
Credits: Twisted, The Next Best Thing,
The Fantastiks
Genres sought: Any
How to contact: Email or fax to 310-274-
Email address:

40. Shuman Company, The
Principals: Lawrence Shuman
Credits: Sweethearts, Kissing Miranda
Formats sought: Features, TV series.
How to contact: Fax query letters to 310-
204-3578, addressed ‘Attention: Query.’

41. Treasure Entertainment
468 N. Camden Dr., Ste. 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Web site: www.treasureentertainment.net
Principals: Mark Heidelberger, J.M. Felsot
Credits: Man Overboard, You’ve Got a
Friend, Personal Vendetta, Flintown Kids,
Harsh Times
How to contact: Letters via mail only with
‘query’ on the envelope

42. Vertigo Entertainment
9348 Civic Center Dr., Mezzanine Level
Beverly Hills CA 90210
Principals: Roy Lee, Doug Davison
Credits: Quarantine, The Strangers,
Shutter, My Sassy Girl, The Eye, Invasion,
The Grudge 1&2, The Departed, The Lake
House, Eight Below, Dark Water, The Ring
1&2, MTV’s I’m with Rolling Stone
Formats sought: Features, TV series.
How to contact: Via mail, addressed
‘Attention: Query’.

43. Xingu Films Ltd.
Principals: Alex Francis
Credits: Cheeky, The Grotesque, Boys
from Brazil, Moving the Mountain, The
Sweatbox, A Kind of Childhood, Alpha
Male, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
Formats sought: Documentaries, Features
How to contact: Email submissions
Email address: alex@xingufilms.com

Feel free to add to it or update us via the comments below.


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  1. Have recently found that a logline posting on something like Screenplay Fest Philadelphia is helpful and interesting because it prompts an on-going discussion about one’s logline and so, to some extent, your screenplay.

    However, have not yet had anything in the way of contact from a production company or agent. Yet.

  2. Hello

    I´m author of several works like: Reality tv game show´s.

    Account Accounting – Tv game show about mathematic
    Politic correct- TV program wich teachs and explain the several kind of political systems and charges
    Synopses and one short script for animation to chieldren and one short script for erotic film.
    There are lot of works.

    • Hi Jorge,
      Have you get any production house or an agent for your script? I am also searching for my scripts.


  3. probably a silly question but running up against the brick walls and stiff arms concerning trying to acquire agent representation for my original TV series programming, multiple programs that is, I’m curious though are these listed contacts just contacts for someone that already has an agent I am finding it remarkably difficult to get an agent to pedal my wares. my apologies for the lack of punctuation, etcetera this was sent via phone voice text

  4. I apparently am the only one who needs an agent to present a sport concept for an entity such as ESPN and the Red Bull projects. I have been searching all of the agencies listed and cannot locate a single agent who is willing to even look at this program. Any recommendations?

  5. Queried Bee Holder Productions and received a request the next day for my screenplay. I’ve done some research on the company and I’m hoping they see my vision and decide to move forward.

  6. I find it very difficult to sign any kind of agreement that allows the company you’re submitting to free reign to steal your story under the guise of the infamous “similar or identical” clause.

    “I acknowledge that you receive numerous submissions, and that many submissions are similar or identical to those developed by you or otherwise available to you… I agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by you of any such similar or identical material.”

    It’s a two way street when submitting your material. The company wants to cover its butt. You want to protect your material. DON’T SIGN ANY KIND OF “RELEASE” FORM UNTIL YOU GET PAID!

  7. “I acknowledge that you receive numerous submissions, and that many submissions are similar or identical to those developed by you or otherwise available to you… I agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use by you of any such similar or identical material.”

    I know! This is really scary. How can anyone accept this and willingly give them so much power?

  8. I found this list of companies as a gift from Heavens, It’s very informative, friendly, encouraging and, and much more. Thanks to the people who posted it.

  9. Wow! This, I will say… It’s a blessing… I have dug sites, written queries to several emails, name it when you have those specs piling up and you feel worthless and giving up. I am glad for this site because some people have made successes through this site and I have the faith, strongly that I too will get my scripts bought through this site.
    I have tons of wonderful scripts with brilliant ideas and twists but I haven’t been in the right places for 13 years of search…I am bookmarking! 🙂

  10. I emailed all of the email addresses provided who would possibly be interested in a script like mine. I avoided the email addresses of the mentioned by others in the comments as being un-deliverable. The one that was kicked back was from mail@burnsideentertainment.com of Burnside Entertainment, Inc. Thank you so much for sharing this information!!!!

      • Also, the zip code on this address was wrong:

        21. Jack Scagnetti Talent &
        Literary Agency
        5118 Vineland Ave., Ste. 106
        North Hollywood CA 91607
        Principals: Jack Scagnetti
        How to contact: Mail only, do not call

        the correct zip code is: 91601

        • Thank you! My sister and I are a writing team and have three completed comedy screenplays. We have had a difficult time finding companies and people to reach out to. You are appreciated!

  11. PS: I noticed a couple of people concerned about the contract asked to sign about “similar” works; I would think people here have done so already, but if not, register work with the WGAW first and put the registration number on the query letter.

    • Rarely since the time of posting. It’s best to cross reference them with places like LinkedIn or Done Deal Pro to see if the people still work there or companies are still going by the same name.

  12. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  13. iIm glad I got a chance to wiew the video I really think the script I wrote will grab someones eye I really worked hard on this script

  14. Mostly all old emails and addresses, a waste of time trying to email this OLD data. Obviously the players are there, need the fresh info… P.S. Dont do what I did and pay a co to blast your query letter to thousands of agents/producers…

  15. How to write script, longline, synopsis, and characters? what studio here is best for animation like Lion Guard or Watership Down as Netflix made

  16. This list was pretty helpful. I took the time to look up every company on here to see if they’re still accepting submissions the same way (if at all), verify contact info and just to see if they still even exist. So far, I’ve submitted a handful of queries via email and am in the process of mailing out queries and sases to those that only accept queries via snail mail.
    Every bit of info helps.

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