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Write to Reel Q4 Mini Contest


writetoreelHi all.

This will be the first official Write to Reel screenplay contest, and we’re still hammering out the details.

We know this though…10 entrants.

That’s it.

I wanted to email the info out ahead of time, just so all readers are aware of it.

Judging will take place around the holidays, and the prize will be a subscription to some sort of service that will promote the winning script.

Why around the holidays?

Promoting scripts right after the first of the year is a BUSY time. Whether companies filling their slates for the year, or individuals adhering to their resolutions to be more productive, script requests, options, etc. always slope upward the first couple of months after January 1.

As a BONUS, in addition to the low rate of competition, all entries will also receive detailed script notes INCLUDED in the entry fee.

Right now we’re thinking of offering it to subscribing members first for a defined period of time, and then opening it up to the public for any remaining spots.

Any questions, feel free to ask.




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