An excerpt from Reals’ unproduced script review for Masters of the Universe by Jeff Wadlow which will be available 06/01/18:

What Worked

— Pg 0/1 – I really like to do this in my writing – include a quote or something that kind of sets the mood, emphasizes the theme and/or gives you a little more insight into the story.

That said, starting with a quote from Lao Tzu makes it seem like this script is going to take itself a bit too seriously.

A good example of this style of writing/filmmaking working is in the film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby when we get that opening title, reading:

America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.
-Eleanor Roosevelt, 1936

When you read that, you know exactly what kind of movie you are about to watch.

— Pg. 2 – Kel, the eldest, tries to stay focused. Adam, the smart ass, tries to stay awake.

This is a well-worded intro to our characters.

— Pg. 11 – In the center stands a HANDLER, his face as ugly as his soul.

I also like this – very vivid and descriptive imagery.

— Pg. 12 – 13 –

Crisis averted.

I’m not leaving without that battle cat.

Crisis resumed.

This is a quick and funny exchange.

— Pg. 25 – This is a pretty good moment – when the King has to sacrifice his own son.

— Pg. 33 – I guess it is kind of cool that Skeletor is He-Man’s brother. At least he has a reason to be a little mad (his dad did kill him, after all).

— Pg. 56 – 59 – It is nice that Teela and Adam have a history. It adds conflict and makes them feel like living, breathing people.

— Pg. 62 – The Quiet Canyons scene is well-done and reminds of some of the tension in A Quiet Place.

— Pg. 92 – This is a nice reversal – He-Man won’t sacrifice his father even though his father would (and did) sacrifice his son for the kingdom.

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