An excerpt from Reals script review for Halloween 666: The Origin (Unproduced) which will be available 02/15/18:

What We Can Learn

1. It may be an overused saying, but make your setting (s) feel like a character. Everything from the “Mom’s Buried, but We’ve Got Pop On Ice.” Sign at the Mom and Pop store, to the way most of the people knew each other, gave the feel of a small town which worked and you could picture it in your mind.

2. You don’t need to repeat information. We hear about the murders MULTIPLE times in this script and we understood it the first time. Expand on murky details and feel free to flesh out questions and history in your story/world, but don’t put the reader through the tedious repetition of repeating the same information over and over.

3. Some of the best advice I ever heard about crafting an antagonist came from Will Ackers’ book Your Screenplay Sucks (2008) and read:

“The antagonist is the hero of his/her own story.”

Use this to create an interesting, complex and flawed antagonist (in every genre, be it a slasher or a comedy) and really bring them to life. It will elevate your script immensely above the hundreds of others that feature generic “evil” bad guys with single-minded, unmotivated ambition.

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