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What Could Have Been… – Goyer’s version of The Flash


An excerpt from my script review for David Goyer’s The Flash which will be available 06/19/23:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

It’s time for another installment of What Could Have Been

This was rumored to be a project involving David S. Goyer, hot off his Batman Begins success, and Canadian national treasure, Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern didn’t come out until 2011, and the draft for this review was written in 2006. One could make the argument that Reynolds was hellbent on being in a superhero movie.

Unfortunately he got his wish, and it wasn’t this.

(Thankfully Deadpool panned out and was a success, even after the disaster that was Green Lantern.)

We’ll talk more about this is the next section, but one main issue for this script, when comparing it to Batman Begins, is that this incarnation of The Flash wasn’t anything special.

It plays out similar to the 90s Marvel movies that weren’t great.

What I always enjoyed about the Nolan Batman trilogy is that the plot felt…practical.

Batman’s gadgets and gizmos were R&D projects pitched as a natural evolution of technology of the time. What wasn’t financially practical for an army of soldiers did work for a billionaire moonlighting as the world’s greatest detective and Batman felt “real”.

(Something the newest version in The Batman took another step, and I enjoyed!)

Goyer’s version of The Flash wasn’t that, considering he has a ring of “nanotechnology” that instantly creates a suit for Barry and then Wally after him.

Does the story work? Sure.

Would people be interested? Most definitely.

But I think they’re going to be disappointed with this story, especially after the bar set by the previous DC franchise.

The Flash (2023) Box Office Stats
Batman Begins Box Office Stats

(Just to give you an idea of what the Goyer/Flash duo could have been capable of.)

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