An excerpt from my script review for a Flash Gordon Reboot (1997) which will be available 06/06/22:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Flash Gordon was something that amazed me that it was never remade.

At least not a live action reboot.

What fascinates me when we tackle these “What could have been” scripts is this particular section.

Did the project fail because it didn’t have merit?

Or was it just not the “perfect fit” for someone in Hollywood?

As I read (and then watched) things like Planet Hulk, where the Incredible Hulk is a gladiator in space and goes on to lead a rebellion against the slave/gladiator overlords, I couldn’t help but wonder and wander back to the idea of a Flash Gordon reboot.

Seriously, why hasn’t Dwayne Johnson pitched it with him as the star?

Seems like a no brainer to me.

If the above Planet Hulk plot sounds somewhat familiar, Taika Waititi incorporated the gist of it into Thor: Ragnarok

And if that name seems familiar it’s because Taika Waititi is supposed to be involved with a Flash Gordon remake!

(A little fact I either forgot or was completely unaware of before I chose this script to review.)

This makes perfect sense…

Flash Gordon is an existing property and we’re more than overdue for a remake.

Similar to my review of the proposed Gurikowski reboot of Friday the 13th where I argued a Jason origin story was a profitable idea, so too is a remake of Flash Gordon even if you make it more serious and fitting to current audiences.

Full Ft13 review.

(Even though I received harsh criticism from one fan, I still stand by the idea that an origin story behind why Pamela Voorhees did the things she did is not only warranted, but overdue!)

For consideration’s sake, here’s a look at two things. First are the actual returns from Flash Gordon from 1980, and second is what Thor: Ragnarok pulled in.

Flash Gordon Box Office Results

Thor: Ragnarok Box Office Results

Is it a perfect analysis? No, but fair enough given the IP and director involved…if it doesn’t get stuck in development hell like previous attempts.

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