An excerpt from my script review for Vice which will be available 12/24/18:

4.) Dialogue and Description

The tone of this script is what entertained me the most.

From the opening caveat of being as true as they could make it to the unique ways complex issues and laws are explained via real life examples.

It’s what I enjoyed most in The Big Short and continued to enjoy with this script.

If I had one criticism though I’d argue the former did it better than here in a few spots.

The good…

The Unitary Executive Theory explained with the visual of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Cheney pitching the idea of a “new” vice presidential role to George W, cutting between their dialogue and Dick Cheney fly fishing, hooking and then reeling in a big one.

The bad…

Using Shakespearean poetic dialogue that doesn’t land to explain what Dick and Lynn are considering with his Vice Presidential bid.

Having a waiter present the “torture” options to Cheney and Co. in a restaurant setting only to have them take all of it.

The last one was okay, but compared to some of the more creative examples in Big Short it could have been better.

The takeaway…

Granted this tone and technique isn’t applicable to all projects, but the important thing to remember is to find your own unique and entertaining voice.

If you’re writing a comedy, the tone should be humorous.

Horror’s tense and scary.

Thriller’s packed with suspense and tension.


You can have the greatest plot in the world, but if you’re bogging your reader down with too many mundane details, over description, or just bland action, it won’t matter.

Like Christmas pudding…spice it up!

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