This year has kind of been a bust for movies. And some movies I thought I’d love ended up being giant disappointments. You’ll eventually see those films on my Worst of 2021 list but unlike my best list, it’s in the 20’s. So, expect that one to come out hopefully next week.

Until then, check out my list for 10 of the best films I saw in 2021. If you don’t see a movie you liked on this list it’s either because I didn’t get a chance to see it or I hated it and will be on my other list.

10. Wrath of Man

One thing you probably shouldn’t do is watch the trailer for this movie as it spoils a pretty big part of the story. And that’s the reason why Jason Statham’s character is doing what he’s doing. Thankfully I saw this awhile after its theater run and had forgotten almost everything that was in the trailer. The dialogue at the start of the film is absolutely terrible but try to keep with it as it does eventually get better. I’m not the biggest Guy Ritchie fan but after The Gentleman and now this this, he’s on a roll.

9. Queenpins

It took me a while to get around to finally seeing this movie. I believe it came out sometime in October, and seeing as it wasn’t a horror movie, it kind of slipped through the cracks. Thankfully I did come back around to it a month later and it blew me away. Vince Vaughn and Paul Walter Hauser are the crime fighting duo I never knew I needed. They are just fantastic together, and honestly steal the show. Not to take anything away from Kristen Bell of course as she’s really fantastic as well as a coupon obsessed housewife. I knocked a lot of other movies off this list to add this one, so if anything, make sure you guys check it out.

8. Pig

It just wouldn’t be one of my best lists if Nic Cage wasn’t somehow on it. However, you do see him pop up once again but on my worst list. But for now, Pig is the topic. I don’t think I got around to reviewing this one. I guess maybe I figured not too many people would be interested in reading about a Nic Cage film where he solves his issues by cooking a good meal. This has the setup for a John Wick premise, but this is in no way anything like John Wick. It’s almost the anti-John Wick movie. This probably won’t be for everyone, especially for those Cage fans that just want to see him yell and kill shit. This is Cage showing he doesn’t always need to be yelling and still be just as cutthroat like the scene at the restaurant where with just a few words cuts down this fancy chef and his expensive restaurant.

7. Being the Ricardos

Aaron Sorkin done bad is really really bad, but done right however. Here he is done right, his dialogue being the main draw, at least for me. I did have some issues with the likability of the characters particularly the Ricardos themselves. J.K. Simmons however steals the show with his grumpy old man routine. I was never the biggest fan of I Love Lucy, whenever Nick at Night would air it or any of the spinoff Lucy shows I’d just find something else to watch. But you don’t need to be a fan of the show to like this movie. Or a fan to appreciate how well they recreated some classic scenes.

6. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

I was not expecting much from this longer cut of an already bad film. I honestly went into this kicking and screaming. However, I was proven wrong. This film did a few things that really kind of changed my perspective of Zack Snyder’s whole vision. And for that reason, I’m putting it on this list. Aside the fact that this makes the theatrical cut of the film seem like garbage a child made, this reaffirms that maybe Snyder knew what he was doing by making his Superman the way he was in his other films. Of course, Snyder as you’ll see shows up once again on my worst list, so that good will didn’t exactly last very long. But for this movie I think he knocked it out of the park.

5. PG: Psycho Goreman

Now I know this movie won’t be for everyone. It’s kind of for a small niche of people who loved Turbo Kid and other films like it. But of course this film is on my list. It would be a crime not to be on there. Plus, I don’t want to piss off PG. It’s hard to really explain what this movie even is. It’s over the top in gore and acting. It’s weird and funny… There’s just no good way to really tell someone what this is unless they themselves have experienced it as well. Maybe you’ll be like PG when looking at hunky boys. You might think, I’m not into this. But then you look again and think maybe I am. See this movie right now!

4. The Last Duel

I went into this not knowing anything about it. I didn’t even know Ridley Scott directed it until the end credit. Basically, all I knew is it didn’t do very well at the box office. That however is a shame because more people needed to see this movie. I feel like this could be one of those lost gems people discover a few years from now, wondering why no one has talked about it. There’s a lot to love about this movie. I loved the three different perspectives we get when telling just what happened. The fact that Matt Damon’s character thinks he’s such a great man in his own head, then we see him through the eyes of others, particularly his wife’s, we see how petty, mean, uptight and incompetent he really is. The duel itself is also intense as hell. There’s so much on the line if Matt Damon loses, not only does he die that also means his wife gets burned alive. And the way things have been going you really don’t know if that’s going to happen or not. I can’t recommend seeing this enough, truly one of the best films Ridley Scott has made in a long time.

3. Finch

Tom Hanks for some reason is always best when paired with a dog. I have no idea why, it’s just always been his thing. Hanks plays a bit of an eccentric character. He’s someone that doesn’t really get along without people, never really did much of anything back when the world was okay to venture out into. If anything, this world where the sun cooks anything caught in it was kind of the best thing to happen to him. No more people, just him, his robot and his dog. Seeing Hanks interacting with the dog was fantastic. There’s a great scene of them at a diner that is just brilliant. And I also found myself loving the goof of a robot that Hanks built who was discovering himself and the world as they continue out on their adventure. This is honestly one of Hanks’ best films in a while. Really check this one out if you missed it.

2. Old Henry

A fantastic western which doesn’t seem to be a common thing these days. Sure, we get your standard low budget westerns most likely starring Trace Adkins, who hilariously does show up in this. But those films are usually pretty terrible. A lot stands out in this movie, most notably Tim Blake Nelson as old Henry. He might seem like just a cranky old man, wanting to be left alone to farm but you know he has a past. And oh boy is it one hell of a twist when you find out. This is one hell of a fun, gritty western. An instant classic.

1. Dune

During my review I focused on how disappointed I was that this was only half a movie. But also took note that even if it was only half a movie, it was still a very damn good regardless. The visuals are on a whole new level, with director Denis Villeneuve showcasing once again his unique eye for science fiction, giving us this lived in universe that you want to explore more of. The movie wasn’t perfect by any means (the PG-13 rating did it no favors) and I’m far from calling it a masterpiece like I did with Blade Runner 2049 but there is a lot to unpack with this film, making any fan of the books or sci-fi fan in general very pleased with this version. Can’t wait to see part 2.

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