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To Catch a Killer – Good Script with a Few Issues


An excerpt from my script review for To Catch a Killer which will be available 08/02/23:

3.) Quality of Characters

Here’s where the main issues lie for this story.

Eleanor and McKenzie.

I do not buy them as an item.

Sure we’re given some tense flirting situations, but what workplace doesn’t have that.

Sexual tension does not equal love.

He’s definitely a ladies’ man, from what’s presented, but aside from them getting drunk and almost hooking up, we don’t see any true development in regards to a relationship between them.

And then the “left field” ending where he says, “Fuck it! Let’s raise an evil murderer’s baby together!”

That’s a serious conversation to be had and they just treat it so lightly that it actually pissed me off.


So there’s a point where she’s with Dean and tells him she’s never been with a man sexually.

Is that true?

Didn’t she imply to Lammark that she was raped as a child by her step dad, and needed an abortion?

(Speaking of which, if she’s only ever had sex twice and she got pregnant both times, we realize that’s damn near statistically impossible right?)

It makes sense why she acts the way she does initially with McKenzie, but it was just weird.

Did I read it wrong earlier or was she just lying to Dean to trick him?


Okay, I know I said I liked him as a villain initially, but once we find out who is behind all the murders?

Wow what a boring fucking villain with fucking boring motives.

He started talking and I could understand why Eleanor wanted to fuck him.

Anything to stop this fucker to stop talking!

Eleanor and Lammark.

This relationship is the one that worked and felt real.

Even if you can call from a mile away that Lammark is gay.

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