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They Cloned Tyrone – Do Stereotypes Sell?


An excerpt from my script review for They Cloned Tyrone which will be available 07/19/23:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

This is one of those “list scripts” in that it was on the Blacklist in 2019, I believe.

It also helps that the writer has a past track record with Creed II and the Space Jam reboot.

My concern here with these “race centered” scripts is are the projects truly worthwhile, or are people just cashing in on caricatures?

I’ve posed it this way in past reviews…

Can Tyler Perry wear blackface and it be okay?

(I understand he wasn’t involved in this movie, but it is a recurring question from past discussions.)

In my opinion the sun is setting on these types of projects.

Call it woke, racially sensitive, liberal…whatever, but at the end of the day these stories still rely heavily on stereotypes.

I’m not saying Hollywood shouldn’t be representative of the US population, every talented person deserves a fair shake, but projects like this only have so much mileage, particularly as a series.

(Outsourced and Fresh Off the Boat are two that come to mind.)

With projects like this, there’s a certain point where the audience will ask themselves, “Am I okay laughing at these clichés?”

Even if there are minorities involved with the writing, action, and production…is it okay to be writing the equivalent of Mickey Rooney’s Mr. Yunioshi?

They Cloned Tyrone Box Office Reception

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