An excerpt from my script review for The Rhythm Section which will be available 02/03/2020:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

So this is Daniel Craig’s last Bond flick.

Who’s going to replace him?

Is Blake Lively throwing her hat into the ring with Rhythm Section?

At first, this started out like an Atomic Blonde clone, but then we had a training montage where each scene shows a little improvement!

As we watch Stephanie gain some skills, I gots to thinking…is this a bit of spec acting to show she can be a double…OH!

Or using that bad joke, was she just trying to get back at Ryan Reynolds for the first Deadpool film and this…

If the film uses most of the script, then she’ll have her own sex montages, even using orgasms as a form of interrogation!

Maybe this project taps a little of both?  Revenge and career advancement.

Before we jump into the next section, there was an element of enjoyment to be had, even if the back-story for Stephanie did feel a bit like festival film bait.

That leads to the advice from a marketability aspect.  Focus.

If you want a festival film darling, stick to it.

Female lead big budget action movie, go with that.

Just don’t start out with one, and then a third of the way in switch over completely.

Rhythm Section Box Office Stats

(As if to prove my point, check out the listed genres on the project’s page.  IMDB didn’t seem to know where to put it either.)

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