An excerpt from my script review for The Kitchen which will be available 08/19/19:

2.) Plot Stability

Again, it had a very all female Godfather 2 vibe, which didn’t concern me aside from one fact.

The women never seem to face any real consequences to their actions.

They muscle in on their local Irish mafia and easily take it over with some random hitman that shows up.

Same thing when they make a move and strong-arm the Jewish folks in the Jewelry District, making a play for the Italian business.

The head of the Italian mob actually commends them for it and wants to partner up, although menacingly.

Even at the end when there’s a hit put out for all the women, the Italian mob steps in and takes out any would be assassin’s because…Kathy money.

So essentially while trying to evoke the a sense of “strong women surviving together” in actuality constantly having a man step in results in a cloaked “damsel in distress” theme.

An inspiring Frozen message this isn’t.

*SPOILER* Thinking more on it, it’s even truer when you consider Ruby was using the FBI agent, but he’s still who came in to clean up most of the mess.

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