The Interview – Script Analysis

Interview-Script-ReviewAn excerpt from my script review for The Interview which will be available 01/05/15:

6.) What I liked…

As an early version of the story, it was nice to see the finished product. This illustrates committing the main story to “paper” AND THEN going back to work out the minor details and tighten the plot.

This rings true for me especially, as I have no problem revising, but I’ll delay like a mofo doing an original draft, arguing it’s “not perfect” and refuse to work on it until I get it “just right” in my mind.

Log the pages first, then revise.

7.) What needs work…

What was stated above. This was an early draft (I’m pretty sure), and I’m glad the plot was tightened up along with the improved jokes.

Rating: Read this evidence that even the pros don’t get it right the first time.

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