An excerpt from my script review for The Hills Have Eyes 2 which will be available 04/23/24:

2.) Plot Stability

Again…think Predator but a bunch of influencers before there was influencing.

We’re going to pit these strong, seasoned mutant cannibals against the equivalent of Pauly Shore and his National Guard crew from In the Army Now.

Seriously…those of you who have seen this just had a realization with that comparison, didn’t you?

For me it was just dumb.

Things start out at what feels like a slow and grueling pace (it’s really only five pages in) and then our “scientist” characters (read that as “nerds”) start getting killed off.

This wouldn’t be bad based on page count (pacing), if those initial pages didn’t feel so cumbersome to get through.

Initial party dead, we jump to our National Guard flunkies, led by “Sarge” the seasoned veteran leader of this army version of the Bad News Bears.

After failing their training mission, they’re sent into the desert to drop off a macguffin because…plot.

And from there it just becomes an elaborate game of cat and mouse as each piece of meat is slowly fed into the grinder by various mutants.

It’s more connected visuals than any real story, which was the real issue.

Redding, an officer from the beginning, hangs around with a spear through his chest just long enough to scare our main cast with the demise to come, and then shoots himself.

Why does he cling to life? Because plot.

There’s a character who falls to his death only to be struggling at the bottom of the cliff.

Oh wait…no he’s just being manipulated like a puppet, but our characters realize that before any consequences.

It wasn’t great, but the main issue comes in the next section…

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