An excerpt from my script review for The Disaster Artist which will be available 12/11/17:

3.) Quality of Characters

Greg is both Lisa and Mark.

Think about that for a second…

Amber could be Mark, but since she and Tommy aren’t really friends, I think Mark represents the side of Greg that turns on Tommy, and Lisa is the best friend part of Greg that Tommy feels he’s losing.

Now, I’m in no way giving credit to Tommy Wiseau for this, thinking his “masterpiece” contains an elaborate plot with some deeper meaning, just that it may have come out subconsciously based on the script for Disaster Artist.

The two meet in San Francisco during an acting class.

Tommy’s a weird dude who radiates confidence, and Greg’s a good looking guy who doesn’t believe in himself.

They’re like a generic “best friends” heart necklace where two pieces fit together to make a whole.

High hopes and lofty dreams take them to LA where they’re destined to become stars because they wish it, want it, and then (kind of) do it.

Another match made in heaven is that with Tommy, there’s never a real need for money.

Apartment in Hollywood? Tommy has it.

Want to hit the hottest club in town? Tommy will palm grease the bouncer.

Need to star in your own movie? Tommy will fund it…so long as he can write, be the lead, and direct it as well.

Initially Greg is successful, with both career and with the ladies, and Tommy doesn’t seem to mind…and then Greg meets Amber.

As two young kids in La La Land tend to do, they fall for each other, and suddenly Tommy’s not okay with that.

He never comes right out and says it, but there are hints of his jealousy.

Like wanting Greg to watch his sex scene…that part was just super fucking weird, and I feel bad for the actress.

The conflict comes from a simple truth…Tommy doesn’t see himself as a villain, he wants people to love him like they seem to love Greg.

And unfortunately, as far as the script goes, he’s left all alone at the end. Everyone’s had enough of Tommy Wiseau.

That part was kind of sad.

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