An excerpt from my script review for Stuber which will be available 07/15/19:

1.) Marketability of the Idea

Going to come right out and say it. I enjoyed this script.

A comedy that’s a reverse Collateral.

Knowing nothing about it initially I was a bit skeptical, but the title comes from what a douchebag manager calls Stu because he also drivers for Uber. Hence Stuber, meant to be funny, but my presumption going in was that it was meant to be something pretentious.

Glad it wasn’t.

Now were parts of it predictable, sure, but as aspiring amateur screenwriters, we should want these original script ideas to get made.

Look at what opened opposite and probably dominated the box office this weekend, the “live version” of The Lion King which was anything but “live” and just more realistic looking animation.

Disney keeps doubling down on these live reboots, and consumers like the wife and myself don’t go to see them, because other than a new song or two, we’ve already seen it.

Unfortunately too many others show up with cash in hand, and is why Disney keeps churning them out, they’re making money.

Hopefully audiences will fatigue with these like the Cap’n has with Marvel movies.

Oh, while I mention that, another reason to cheer on a Stuber success is because it’s a long shot (at best) that undiscovereds like us will get the rights to existing and popular material in other mediums.

This means we need well drawn characters and tight plots packaged inside something original.

Back to Stuber though, as it had a familiar Shane Black style “buddy movie” vibe to it, and didn’t he give us the same movie more or less four times? (Five if you count The Nice Guys.) And he was one of the most successful spec writers in the 90s, if I remember correctly.

“But Hank, the market’s changed!” Sure, but as new writers we shouldn’t be looking to strike it rich and retire after a single sale, but to get something soldopening a new door or two.

Gotta walk before we run, kids.

Now all that blustering out of the way, how’d it do?

Stuber Box Office Stats

And to show you what’s wrong with the world…

The Lion King (2019) Box Office Stats

(“Give me the same, only better animation!”)

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